Ecigarette Benefits Vs Dangers of Cigarettes

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Ecigarette Benefits Vs Dangers of Cigarettes

Smokers today have a debate going on – Is it worth it to switch to eCigarettes? Some will stand by the evidence and want everyone to switch while others will stick with what they know and prefer. The debate does cause a great deal of bickering. Learning of the benefits of eCigarettes compared to the dangers of traditional cigarettes can make it easier to understand the situation at hand.

The Healthier Choice

One of the major reasons people prefer vaping over smoking is the fact that vaping is healthier. While it is not necessarily healthy, it does not have the same negative side effects that you get with smoking. This is because it cuts out the smoke aspect of it. Cigarettes burn at high temperatures, creating the carcinogens in the cigarette. It is also what harms your lungs. Cutting out the smoke cuts out the health risks.

The Risks of Smoking are:

  • The smoke itself can damage and blacken the lungs, leading to poor lung health
  • Carcinogens increase your risk of cancer

Vaping, on the other hand, vaporizes the nicotine at a much lower temperature. Due to the lower temperature, you do not have the carcinogens or the damaging smoke entering your body. It is still nicotine, but the drop in temperature makes it low-risk for negative side effects.

The Benefits of eCigarettes are:

  • No smoke means no risks of lung damage
  • No carcinogens significantly reduce your likelihood of cancer when compared to a smoker

Look and Feel Better

On a social aspect, cigarettes simply are not the same. A few decades ago, they looked cool. Not only that, but you could smoke nearly anywhere, as well. You were the life of the party. Today, though, it is the opposite. No one likes the smell, discoloration, and smokiness that comes with smokers.

In Social Situations, It Affects You by:

  • Making you smell like an ashtray wherever you go
  • Yellowing your fingers and teeth, making you look worse
  • Aging your face
  • Forcing you to leave friend groups when others are not smoking or when in a non-smoking area

You do not have these side effects with eCigarettes. They help you to stay looking good for longer. There is no strong odor associated with them. Any odor can smell good, actually, such as a candy smell with a candy-flavored liquid. You can stay around friends, too, since there is no suffocating smoke.

Social Benefits of eCigarettes are:

  • Always smell your best with odorless or fine smelling liquids
  • No appearance changes due to vaping
  • Vaping does not cause suffocating smoke, making it easier to get your nicotine fix around friends

Ending the Addiction

The addictive properties of smoking cigarettes make it difficult to stop once you start. All individuals can fall to addiction quickly when smoking. This means that the negative side effects of smoking, all mentioned above, are likely to stick around for a while. People who do find the power to quit typically struggle with addiction, as well.

eCigarettes are not addictive. In fact, most people struggling with addiction use this as a way to battle that addiction because it feeds your craving for nicotine without the negative aspects of it. People who switch to eCigarettes when addicted also begin to lose that craving over time.


I quit smoking while using an ecigarette. It did take about 6 months, but I feel much better.
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