Converting to E-Cigarettes

Posted by   Duman Ecig

Benefits of Cigarette

Ecigarettes have been a controversial subject for just about as long as they have been around, most likely due to the fact that the use of these devices took off just about as soon as they were released onto the market. While many people believe that ecigarettes are dangerous, there are actually some health benefits of vaping. While of course when used incorrectly vapes can cause damage to the users health, but when they are used to help the user quit smoking then there are so true benefits to these devices. In fact it is believed that these new cigarettes can decrease the amount of tobacco related deaths and illnesses.

When looking at the benefits of vapes there are three things that must always be considered. The first is the type of device. There are many different models of electronic cigarette devices available for consumers, and all of them work in slightly different ways and will lead to slightly different benefits. The second is how often the device is used. Studies have shown that in order to get the most benefits form vaping in terms of quitting smoking tobacco cigarettes, they must be used on a very regular basis. If fact it has been shown that infrequent use is almost the same of not using them at all. The third and final is how much nicotine the device contains. As long as the nicotine level is lower than traditional cigarettes then there will be kind of benefits. For best results a model of vape should be used that will allow the level of nicotine to be slowly decreased over time.

There is current evidence that supports the claim that by switching from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes will reduce their health risks. Vapes are also seen as a large step toward ending all tobacco and nicotine use. In order to get the most benefits out of vaping, users must be sure to vape every day, infrequent use will not help users quit smoking. It is estimated that these devices are ninety five percent less harmful than traditional cigarettes, though there are some people who feel like these electronic cigarettes are just a stalking horse for the tobacco industry, especially when they can look so much like standard cigarettes.

When many people try to quit smoking they are struggling with the process. By using ecigarettes frequently smokers will be able to trick their body into feeling like they are smoking, all while not giving their body the negative effects of smoking tobacco. It should be noted though that just because vaping will help those trying to quit smoking, it does not mean that vapers will quit smoking, using the electronic cigarettes will be a tool to use to fight smoking. One study has shown that when using vapes frequently and consistently, sixty five percent of vapers were ready to try to give up smoking in a year compared to smokers who did not use electronic cigarettes. And once deciding to give up smoking fourteen percent of those vaping were able to decrease their use of tobacco by at least half if not more.

Another one of the great benefits of vaping is the refillable tank models. These electronic cigarettes allow for the user to vary the amount of nicotine and the flavors of the liquid that is contained in the vape. These models will allow the users to slowly phase out the nicotine that the vaper will be consuming. Also, by adding the other flavors the user will hopefully be able to help them quit smoking as well. Of those who use this refillable tank model of electronic cigarettes, twenty eight percent of them were able to quit using tobacco smoking after a year. This is compared to only thirteen percent of smokers who were able to quit smoking after a year. And again studies have shown that those who used electronic cigarettes on an infrequent basis had similar result to those who did not use electronic cigarettes at all.

When trying to get the most benefits you can out of vaping, remember to look into the different models on the market. With such a wide variety it should be no surprise that some models are created for certain needs in mind. There are certain devices that are created specifically to help those trying to quit using tobacco cigarettes, there are also some devices that are not designed with that in mind. So if you are looking for vapes to try and assist you with quitting smoking be sure to research the model in order to help yourself the best way you can. And also, be careful to keep in mind that though there are many, many benefits of vaping there are still some dangers that you should be aware of. Vapes still are nicotine products so it is important to use them responsibly.